Exact criteria

We target and deliver candidates on your exact criteria.

In-depth profiling

We profile candidates using data analysis and our in-house team.

Fast delivery

Our reach allows us to operate at scale being able to fulfill short timescales.

Get a shortlist of candidates that meet your exact criteria

We provide highly targeted recruitment by finding, profiling and delivering candidates based on your criteria for a required role.


We don’t use job boards, databases or ads but we do quickly find, profile and deliver high quality candidates.

By leveraging the reach and analytical abilities our technology allows us, we’re able to operate using a mix of headhunting and recruitment coupled with data based profiling that far outperforms traditional agencies.


Recruitment process

1. Ideal candidate

We work with you to gain a deep understanding of your candidate requirements and the role.

2. Data collection

Using our data technology we find and profile high potential candidates that meet your criteria.

3. Qualification

We reach out and engage with the best potential candidates, qualifying their interest and credentials.

4. Shortlist

Fully qualified candidates are then added to a shortlist for your team’s assessment and consideration.

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