Curated audience

We deliver an audience that meets your exact criteria.

High turnout

Our processes ensure your event has a high turnout.

Fast delivery

We always deliver within or before your time-frame.

Make your event a success with curated attendees

We provide event marketing services that deliver a targeted audience and  high turnout for your event, generating significant marketing and sales ROI.


We put the right people in the room, delivering audiences for some of the world’s leading companies.

Whether your event objectives are to grow sales, brand awareness, media exposure or social presence, we use our technology and expertise to generate attendees that meet your exact criteria and objectives.


Event marketing process

1. Targeting

We work with you to define your attendee criteria in order to build a targeting model.

2. Value Proposition & Assets

We work with you to refine a strong value proposition and create tailored marketing assets.

3. Source data

We source up to date and relevant data, creating a list of desirable attendees.

4. Outreach

We begin a targeted campaign, inviting your desired audience via multiple channels.

5. Registration

We handle all aspects of the registration and communication processes to ensure high conversion.

6. Feedback

We carry out attendee feedback collection during or post event to optimise future events.

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