We deliver curated audiences for B2B events that offer value to organisers and attendees

We believe B2B events are by far the most rewarding marketing vehicles for organisers to build relationships with prospects. We work with organisers to conceive events that offer value to relevant prospects, market and deliver audiences to these events (this has been the core service of our business since inception).


We put the right people in the room, delivering audiences for some of the world’s leading companies.

Whether your event objectives are to grow sales, brand awareness, media exposure or social presence, we use our technology and expertise to invite attendees that will support your objectives and also gain value from an event.


Event marketing process

1. Targeting

We work with you to define your attendee criteria in order to build a targeting model.

2. Value Proposition & Assets

We work with you to refine a strong value proposition and create tailored marketing assets.

3. Source data

We source up to date and relevant data of attendees we believe are relevant and will gain value from the event.

4. Outreach

We begin a targeted campaign, inviting your desired audience via multiple channels.

5. Registration

We handle all aspects of the registration and communication processes to ensure high conversion.

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